Tuesday, January 13, 2009


A huge Thanx to the people at Indore. You guys made CS4 launch event a great place to be. There were attendees across the Design and Publishing industry. It was great joy sharing the amazing features, tips and tricks with you all.

Speaking in hindi during a event is a different experience and my hindi isnt upto a public speaking mark hence makes it that much more difficult. But Indore has done this to me during the CS3 launch as well and i enjoy that challenge.

A bun
ch wanting to click pics with us.

There were more than few people interested in starting up Adobe training institutes. This really is something that the Adobe team
in India would love to encourage. Please visit this link to get an idea of the kind of certification needed to become an Adobe Authorized Training Centre (AATC).
Please mail me or post your queries regarding this and any other issue.

Off to Pune today for the event there. Catch you all with some fundu stuff in a couple of days time.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hello and a very Happy, prosperous and Peaceful 2009!

A long pending thought put to action. My idea is to use this space to share Everything Adobe. Also get a chance to interact with you as users and understand what topics you wish to discuss and maybe even have on demand e-seminars.

As most of you would know CS4 has been launched and we recently concluded events in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi. The launch roadshows continue from 13th Jan at Indore, 15th Jan Pune,
28th Jan Ahmedabad, 3rd Feb Kolkota, and 6th Feb Trivandrum. If your city isnt listed I strongly suggest you visit Adobe.com and search for ondemand seminars.

The Creative suite in its 4th Avatar is all about working out of my boundaries. If i am a Print person how can i create an engaging web experience, If i am a Video guy how do i take my creation to the web. CS4 gives a shortcut route to some brilliant art in mediums one hasnt worked before. Shortcut to Brilliant is what the tagline says for CS4.

In this space now on, you would come across some tips tricks and techniques on the products ranging across the Creative Suite and typically information i get access to and even links to some of the much cooler and chik stuff people are sharing across the WWW.

See you guys in the cities mentioned and if not here all the more regularly, one of my New Year Resolutions !!!


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